Health Testimonials

Health Testimonials

Jan, 2018

My daughter has sickle cell a life threatening disease that affects the circulation of the blood around the body. This is due to the half moon shaped red blood cells she carries, as apposed to ours being a roundish shape, hers are unable to flow correctly around the body due to the shape meaning hydration is key at all times, as well as many other key factors in her disease. As a doting father I knew very early that I would need to further my knowledge of the body and what it requires to function optimally, finding has been a blessing being able to order natural medicine and receive the most supportive assistance towards my learning with natural medicine has been outstanding and truly a miracle .

Thank you for your amazing work and support.

Mr Elliot Bent

Jan, 2018


I am so happy I was introduced to Natural Miracles. I had been a bit unwell for a period of time and felt I needed to investigate about Moringa Teas as I had heard many people talking of its benefits. In drinking Moringa Tea, I have found that it helps me with a good sense of  my well-being. It gives me the energy to pursue my daily routine of life. I find it relaxes me and most importantly I love the taste of the tea.

Jalika Cindy Tucker

Social Worker,

Awake Bham Co-founder

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Jan, 2018

I approached Natural Miracles from a more than happy referral who had bought from Natural Miracles before and had been very impressed with the service that was provided to them.

I had been suffering some personal issues and for those reasons Natural Miracles and the products sold on the website were definitely items that would help relieve me of my issues.

The website is brilliant! Accessible and easy to use, a wealth of information on each product, more than helpful not knowing what some or most of the benefits.

Leoni@naturalmiracles is very helpful, friendly, patient and polite and just every bit amazing with her wealth of knowledge to guide you through whats right for you and your circumstance.
I couldn't be more happier with the service, having purchased on a number of occasions now.
The delivery is speedy and items well packaged extremely well.
I have referred others to Natural Miracles for all these reasons and they too have talked about the many positives they have experienced purchasing from Natural Miracles.

I will certainly be buying again from Natural Miracles in the not so distant future as I am confident in the products and the authenticity and the on hand advice that has helped immensely.

"Natural Miracles! Definitely in the name"!

Mr Blake Bent

Nov, 2017

Every morning, without fail, I boil my ginger, soursop leaves, irish moss and cinnamon tea along with two or three natural miracle moringa seeds, I feel the difference. Since deciding to upgrade my diet I wake happier and brighter, work harder, longer and am sharper and more balanced. It's seems so obvious now that to be the best human being you can be you need to run on the best possible fuel... plants and herbs, straight from god. Go natural miracles.




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August, 2017


I have been drinking these wonderful herbal teas for a while now and can truly say that they work wonders for me. I used to have stomach problems, problems with blockages in colon and passing urine. After taking radiotherapy years a go I noticed my hair had never grown back with the same strength and texture I once had. Since taking the herbal teas; Guava leaves and Chamomile teabags,  I can see the difference in me, I'm more relaxed, my hair is growing very good and my skin has also noticeably improved.


I used to drink ordinary tea and take sugar but I don't do that anymore, since I've been on herbal teas my cravings for sugar seem to be going. Moringa tea gives my body the minerals it needs. I really love the Holy Basil teabags as they relax me. I have made changes to my diet since meeting Leoni and without these herbal teas etc I don't think I'd be where I am now.  It is advisable to listen to your doctor but at the same time there's always an alternative opinion out there and you should grab it by both hands, try it first before you knock it.


By taking responsibility for my body I feel much better in myself and more positive especially seeing and feeling the benefits of Natural Miracles products on a daily basis. 

Thank you very much for introducing me to herbs/ keep up the good work for your community and I am more than happy to keep on supporting what your doing, just keep them teas coming.

Mr Browne


July, 2017

In 2004 I had a routine operation, but following complications I developed septicaemia. For 3 months I battled the disease unfortunately during my recovery I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Too sick for chemotherapy I looked to alternative remedies and came across organic apricot kernel.


13 years later I still take apricot kernel and other remedies such as vitamin C, Holy Basil, Moringa, Turmeric all from Natural Miracles. Leoni brown, Natural Miracles founder has opened my eyes to the wonders of living in harmony with the natural products from the earth.


Cancer and disease free...Thank you natural miracles

G. C Powers,

Social Worker

Oct, 2016

As a self employed teacher, working with young people can leave me feeling very tired at times. I recently joined a fitness group called Ace Fitness, who I train with a
few nights a week to help me to maintain good health & strength, so I can continue doing the
work I love to do. 
It is also important that when training, your body receives the right nutrients so that muscles can continue to grow effectively. 
I started using Black Macca to complement my fitness training and I now add Macca powder to all of my smoothies for energy and to optimise my overall health.


Chess Tutor

Sept, 2016


My illness is called Myeloma, which is a type of cancer of the bone. I was first diagnosed in 2006. Since then, I have had treatment from hospital which helped, but I was

not satisfied within myself knowing I needed something else to build up my body as it left me frail. I then met Leoni and I told her about my condition and right away she suggested that I take Red Maca Root Powder. 

Leoni also gave me some Organic Ashwagandha Root Power and I can truly say by the grace of God, it works! I am up and running, and I can now feel the difference in my body. I now go swimming and use the gym, and I have changed the way I eat. 

All I can say is taking natural herbs is and has been good for me and I am glad I met Leoni. I put my trust in her. For all of you people out there, please support her as she is doing a great job and I will continue to support her all the way. Thank you again Leoni! God bless you.

Kingsley Browne,
Security Officer

Jan, 2016


I am a customer of Natural Miracles Moringa capsules and it has made a dramatic difference to my daily nutritional intake. I feel much healthier and more energetic, which is a major difference to how I felt before. It has also inspired me to eat healthier starting from my mornings when I take my first capsules. I would recommend Natural Miracle's  products to anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and who are unsure about how to go about doing this. It has made a huge difference for me and I'm adamant when I say that it will also make a
difference for you.

Mr Braithewaite,

I.T Technician

Dec, 2015

A friend of mine suggested Natural Miracle products to me and she was right! It was what I needed and everything she mentioned about it is wonderful. I have noticed positive changes in my health within a few weeks of taking it.

Mrs Francis,

Fitness Trainer

July, 2015

I have been using Moringa powder daily and the benefits are amazing. The best part is - it's natural! 

Mrs Rahman,

Support Worker