Card Reading Testimonials

In May I had my tarot cards read by the magnificent Leoni. Each card shown was explained in order for me to understand and what it represented. From the individual cards a story emerged giving a clearer picture of my past, present and future journey of life. 
The reading enabled me to have a better understanding of the cards, the universe and it's importance. I will be looking to book for another reading in the near future. 

May 2019

Leoni read tarot cards for me, she made me feel relaxed and comfortable which was a skill in itself as l had suffered a massive loss in my life. 

Leoni was able to centre me, her intuition was on point. 
Leoni explored the areas in my life which we spoke about prior to the reading. Her ability to read the tarot cards and feedback to me with so much precision and care really touched my heart. 

All which Leoni shared resonated with me. It clarified some important points for me and helped me take some good decisions which in turn has opened my horizons. 

I would definitely use and recommend Leoni. 

It was literally one of the best tarot readings I have had. 

Thank you.

March 2019

Leoni performed a card reading for me which I found to be very insightful! She gave me the clarity I needed in order to progress in areas of my life that have been particularly challenging! I urge anyone who is considering this to just go ahead and do it! Positive vibrations and blessings for the future!

August 18

Leoni did a reading for me regarding my son, her revelations were very very accurate and thorough! What she told me gave me shivers, she mentioned my pregnancy and things regarding my family life which made a lot of sense to me and gave me a lot of clarity. I would recommend her readings and I would go back 100 times over. She also gave me advice regarding my sons skin problems, the reading revealed what foods would benefit my son, Which we now incorporate and it’s really helping control his eczema, the reading also revealed a lot of things about my life that I knew deep inside but needed that reassurance which Leoni confirmed for me! She is really an oracle I trust her readings and her advice. What a amazing and truly wonderful woman!

June 18

Natural Miracles is as genuine as the title.


The readings received have given much clarity at a time when it was needed and the health products provided are excellent.


This is a company highly recommended to seek for knowledgeable advice; a quality service and an abundance of good healthy products.

June 18

My reading was very clear and accurate. It was also very detailed.  What you told me was what I have been thinking and pondering already. So to hear my thoughts relayed back to myself from someone who wouldn't know was confirmation to me that you know what your doing.


July 18

It was a delight to have my reading everything was spot on and enlightened me further to take the steps that are needed to be the best version of me. Thank you. 

July 18

Blessings to one and all,

I recently had a reading from Leoni, which I can honestly say, things I was told are things which I am actually going through at present.

I would recommend anyone to have a reading.


July 18

I had a Tarot card reading on love and relationships from Leoni. From start to finish, it was amazing. It was scary and good at the same time as everything said was exactly what I had gone through to what is happening in my life now.. I have been going through a lot lately and trying to steer myself away from negative people also negative energy. Which I feel had a big impact on my relationship situation. Leoni explained everything in detail and showed me what cards has been picked out for me, I had chance to ask questions also to clarify everything from my end. The advice giving to me has not just changed my outlook on my situation it has given me that get up and go confidence. You might hear something that makes you question you or your choices but that’s what I loved about it.. Honestly Leoni from the bottom of my heart thank you for the experience it really answered a lot of questions I had previously to reading, also gave me the closure I needed for certain areas of my love life.I would definitely recommended you to friends and family.


July 18