Moringa Oleifera- powder and seeds

The world’s most nutritious tree- the Moringa Oleifera tree has leaves which contains 18 of the 20 amino acids with all 9 essential amino acids, 46 types of antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds. All natural 90+ nutrients make for the ultimate natural and nutritional supplement.


10 Benefits of Moringa Oleifera


1. The tree of life- Moringa trees are often referred to as the tree of life because of their medicinal uses over the span of many centuries. Every part of the tree is used, from the leaves, to the small and large pods, both of which can be eaten like nuts. In developing tropical countries, Moringa oleifera is used to treat and prevent malnutrition in nursing mothers and infants.

2. Nutritional Benefits- Moringa oleifera is a superfood to beat all superfoods, even in its supplement form. The amount of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals is more than enough for your body to remain healthy. Each supplemental serving contains more than 90 different vitamins and minerals.

3. Reduces blood pressure and reduces the risk of cancer NATURALLY.

4. Evidence of a decrease in post prandial blood glucose following a meal in type 2 diabetes (21%) increasing with time.

5. Dramatically increases energy levels NATURALLY… increased energy is one of the health benefits this supplement is best known for…no more feeling sluggish first thing in the morning.

6. Moringa Oleifera relieves symptoms and reduces the condition of Gastric Ulcers.

7. Moringa Oleifera and Mood- This all-natural supplement helps relieve stress and improve your mood, making for a healthier you…releasing those feel-good hormones.

8. Moringa Oleifera and Mental Clarity- The ability to think clearly and concentrate… Your level of mental clarity depends on two minerals: zinc and iron… Moringa oleifera supplements contain both of these, and in astonishing amounts.

9. Moringa Oleifera fights against Anti-Aging- Studies show that when Moringa leaf cream was applied to the skin over 3 winter months, it increased skin hydration and reduced visual wrinkles on the cheeks.

10. Moringa Oleifera and Weight Loss- This supplement helps you lose weight in more ways than one. First, it suppresses your appetite. Obviously if you are not hungry, you are not going to overeat. Next, it increases your energy levels. The more energy you have, the more calories you will burn.


Finally, since Moringa Oleifera helps improve your mood, you may be less likely to eat even when not hungry. Some emotional eaters will tell you they eat whether the urge is present or not. You do not have to worry about this when you consume Moringa daily.

It is also a tremendous source of bio-vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) vitamin E and macro minerals and trace minerals. Moringa is also a great source of bio available quality protein and fibre.




Gram to gram comparison of Moringa Oleifera dried leaf with specific nutrient rich foods:


30 times more vitamin B2 than in almonds


25 times more iron than in spinach


17 times more calcium than in milk


15 times the Potassium than in bananas


10 times more vitamin A than in oranges


9 times more protein than in yoghurt


4 times more Chlorophyll than in wheatgrass

Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Moringa Oleifera seeds can create powerful and natural medicines used to heal a variety of ailments, sexual dysfunctions and to improve sex drive in both men and women. They are also known for their antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties to treat arthritis, rheumatism, gout, cramp, sexually transmitted disease and boils. Moringa seeds can also be used to purify water.